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Learning how to drive doesn`t end with passing the test. Many can handle the wheel on normal roads but lose their confidence in different image pull rightsituations and road conditions. A complete driving training is one in which you have complete control of any situation or circumstance of the road. A bold and confident driver is an experienced one.

He has learnt the ways to maneuver his way through any kinds of road circumstance. This is when you can truly enjoy the experience of driving. A good driving instructor is one who exposes the learner to all kinds of road settings so that there are no shocks while on the road.

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Passing a test is the initial stage that declares that you can handle the vehicle once behind the wheel. But to make it a more satisfying and gratifying experience, you should go further than the tests. At A2B, we offer a course called Pass Plus. By doing Pass Plus you can lower your insurance premiums and improve your driving skills even further.

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